What I have learned

That people will commit perjury to save their own bacon (obviously).  – Or to serve their own purpose or to simply shut a person up because what she is saying is bugging them.

The ones who perjured themselves know who they are – I hope they are thoroughly pleased and happy with themselves and their code of conduct.

Some who’s job it was to make their report on me – they were only doing their job as best they could with the information that was available to them at that time.

That one such person made out a report which ultimately crushed any spirit I had left – she was  only being professional.  That she told me “You must be strong!” after just having told me what her recommendations were – not in my favour obviously – was only said and done because she was ultimately professional so that is not important.

O.K.  Bless her.  She wasn’t to know or understand that she was only underling how worthless and useless a person I was beginning to think I was.  It was only words.  On paper.  In Court.  Before a judge.

Then a quote from the guardian ad leitum –

“There is/was a lot of domestic abuse surrounding this person”  

Obviously I was to blame and therefore did not in their eyes deserve to be a mother to my beloved children.  Yes – apart from my having bipolar I have experienced abuse.  That is my fault.  

Another person said

“We received notification of Miss Jones going to see Barnado’s .”  – she turned to look at me and she looked angry.   “We investigated this but her son’s teacher assured us that his performance at school was fine and that  he was fine.  So we took no further action and we did not see Miss Jones.”

Just the ramblings of a nutter as usual.  Off her head.  Clearly imagining things.


Then there was someone who quoted me as saying “I don’t like this medication – I long to experience the highs again”  –  rubbish – I would never say that.  Plonker – You know who you are!

Then there was the discussion about what was my reason for reporting my Mother as being a Vulnerable Adult. to the appropriate social services.

My relatives in Scotland had encouraged me to report my brother to the “Vulnerable adult” section of the Social Services.  I spoke to a man.  Did he ever come and see me face to face?  No.  He sat outside in his car and my mother went outside to speak to him.  I do not know what was said.  I can only assume that once again the responsibility for any muck ups in my family – firmly rested on my shoulders.

Remember folks – I’m the nutter.

The nice people must be telling the truth.  Why would they lie?

As a result of reporting my brother to the “Vulnerable Adult” section – my brother threatened me and so I fled and was housed by the homeless team.

So,  I am sorry I failed you – my relatives in Scotland.

I am sorry I failed you my daughter, my son.


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