My mum

My Mum was given Amitrytylene by her G.P. (General Practicitoner) – which is her doctor in the UK but not a psychiatrist – when she was 28 years old.  She had been married for two years to my Dad and during that time they had been trying for a baby.  My guess is she went to the doctor and she was depressed and anxious and couldn’t sleep at night so that is what he prescribed her.  The background to this was that they had some medical checks to see whether there was a medical reason for them not conceiving and that there was nothing at that time to be found.

I am going to a new paragraph here to space it out a bit.  I do know that my mum had an operation for her appendix when she was 17 years old and we used to speculate that maybe they botched it up which made it difficult for her to conceive but that was just pure spceculaton.

Poor Mum and Dad.  They started dating when they were 19 years old.  They saved up their money and couldn’t get married until they were 26 years old.  They were both Christians as were my grandparents so they had decided to wait until they were married to have sex.  They put a deposit on a 3 bedroomed house in a nice area and about 9 months after their marriage they moved in because there was some delay with the building of it.  So – we are talking 1960.  In fact – they got married on the 1st January 1960 and moved in to their house around the September of that same year.   Up until that point my Mum was working as a Personal Secretary to the manager of a company here in Liverpool.  She was very hard working and capable and extremely efficient.  In fact,  it was because my Mum was so careful at saving money that she and Dad were able to save up for the deposit on the house.  It was both of their money but she was the one who saved it.

I said poor Mum, poor Dad because there they were…so hopeful, so joyful, so excited.  Building a life together, building a home together.  Then after two years together they suddenly have the thought that they may not be able to have any children.  How devestating that must have been for both of them.

Then at aged 28 a close family member and others persuaded mum that she would be better giving up the job she was so good at to concentrate on having a baby!  And then the doctor prescribed Amytrptylene!

poor mum xxxx


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  1. So many hopes, so many sad disappointments. This must have been a very confusing time for your poor mum. It’s astonishing how readily chemical medications which produce major imbalances in the body are still prescribed before other measures are tried. Especially for women.

    • yes I know. I wish that she had got help. She is now on Lorazepam and has been for around 32 years I think. She is still confused by her feelings, cannot really identify her anxiety and depression and finds it almost impossible to be straight with people and vocalise herself and has low confidence and self-esteem. Having said that she has refused talk of therapy and would never over the years consider stopping taking Ativan or Lorazepam which became its name. She is a very frightened woman and life has been thus very hard for her. For me it is clear that pharmaceuticals are not the only answer and in some cases can be extremely harmful.

  2. I never liked that medicine. It made me feel weird. This is very touching.

  3. Clear writing. You’re telling this story very good.

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