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For the first 30 years of my life – from 1966- 1996 I did not require medication albeit some for a mild asthma condition and various childhood common afflictions which were helped with mild pharmaceutical remedies.

Then in 1996 I unwittingly tried Prozac during a short bout of depression. What I was depressed about was my own psychological limitations. On some level I derived great satisfaction from being a mother to my 3 years old son but socially I felt limited.

My limitations were largely based on my own Self- esteem which was fairly fragile.

I was adopted at only 6 weeks old therefore I only remember my adoptive family.

Already my 32 years old parents has adopted a little baby boy 2 years before they adopted me.

My parents worse time in their young lives was losing their baby son to diaphramatic hernia two hours after his birth. At the time it was 1968 and I was 2 years old and my oldest brother was 4 years old when that tragedy happened.

We as a family had four living grandparents and various other relatives.

Each Sunday we attended a Lutheran Church which was situated close to our home.

I attended two schools. At Primary I later studied the clarinet but I also derived great pleasure from reading and other studies.

In secondary school I was good at French, English, Maths and I later studied German Language.

For someone in Liverpool I was very blessed to have a Lutheran education from Church and Sunday School from the age of 6 months to 18 years old.

My parents and grandparents background was Presbyterian and Methodist.

My great grandfather on my adopted father’s side was a Christian minister all his life. He was the father of my Grandmother Marjorie Barker who married William Jones my Grandfather who was in the Masons.

Bill and Marjorie Jones attended Booker Avenue URC and so did Leslie and Doris (ne Trigg) Lightfoot. My Lightfoot grandparents eventually moved to retire to Heswall in the 1960’s.

Dennis Barker Jones and Meryl Lightfoot met at Booker Avenue which was a Presbyterian Church. It is now called Allerton United Reformed Church.

I was so blessed to be adopted into a Christian family which rejected alcohol as a principle. My two sets of grandparents And my parents all rejected alcohol.

They turned to God and their Christian beliefs as a faith and as the main rock of their life.

They believed that belief in Christ leads to life with our eternal Father and they shared their Christian standards and beliefs with their adopted children.

I and both my brothers was christened at Allerton United Reformed Congregational.

I always believed I was a Christian but two years ago I was baptised again by immersion and I became a Born Again Christian.

I have dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.

I have asked God to reveal His true purpose for my life.

I love God with all my heart all my soul and all my mind.

I am so blessed to have become Born Again in Jesus Christ. It has made me so grateful to be loved by God.

I am so grateful to have been adopted by parents who were Christians from a Christian background.

I am grateful to have had so much love of music in our family.

I am so grateful to have had the Scouse sense of humour in our family which kept us laughing through good and bad times.

I personally managed without psychiatrists and medicine for the first 30 years of my life.

I am 52 with stage 3 kidney disease and with probable rheumatoid arthritis.

I have succeeded well for a year and was only on the lowest dose of Quetiapine a year ago.

In 2016 I was spitting up large clots of blood following years of being prescribed Quetiapine a mood stabilizer.

People with Kidney disease are cautioned against taking mood stabilizers.

I legally chose to try an holistic path of treatment which I am still availing to follow for all my ailments including physical and mental.

That is my right as a human being and my choice as a human being currently living in Liverpool.

I was adopted as a baby but I was not sexually abused or beaten. I do not have horrific memories of childhood which I require forgetting. Rather I had a childhood of comfort with warmth. We never were concerned about our next meal.

My mother provided wonderful meals for us all to eat and she was very organised. She played the church organ for many years. She was given responsibility for the vicars wages because she was honest, clever and trustworthy.

My father Dennis Barker Jones was an honest and trustworthy man. He worked as a Structural Engineer at BICC/BalfourBeatty in Acornfield Road Industrial Estate Kirkby, Liverpool.

My father Dennis Barker Jones was kind and loving to everyone he met.

He had a terrific sense of humour and encouraged us all to laugh at life and love God and our friends, neighbours and family.

I know I was very blessed to be adopted by Dennis and Meryl Jones and God meant for that to be my spiritual journey. To have a deep love of music and an abiding love of God and Christianity.

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